Project Description



From the Trost website:

“2-axis 100cm x 50cm camera slider with Mitchell carriages, Mitchell baseplates, and leveling 100mm bowl adapters. Slider mounts on top of any Mitchell tripod or standard 100mm or 75mm bowl tripod with half-ball to 3/8″ adapter (not included). Also mounts on top of any flat base with male 3/8″ or 1/4″ screw, or C-Stand.

100cm and 50cm axes can be easily detached and used as two separate complete camera sliders (a 100cm slider and a 50cm slider).”

  • M100 Slider (Mitchell Mount)
  • M50 Slider (Mitchell Mount)
  • (2) Mitchell to 100mm Ball Adapters
  • (3) Mitchell Baseplates
  • (2) Mitchell Handle Baseplates
  • (3) Mitchell Tie-downs
  • (2) Junior Pin Stand Mounts
  • (2) Baby Pin Stand Mounts
  • (2) Matthews Slider Stands