Rental Information

We do require that renters provide their own third party insurance with a provision for “miscellaneous rented equipment” and the limit must be greater than the total value of equipment on the overall production, not max per vendor. Coverage must be on a replacement cost basis including coverage while in transit and at any location. There must be no warranties or exclusions related to locked or unattended vehicles and the certificate must state this.

Please email all insurance certificates to prior to your scheduled pickup day.

All our equipment is rented at a 3-day weekly rate and 3-week monthly rate. Meaning that if you pay for 3-days you get the equipment for one week.

Weekends are billed at a single-day rate, which means you can pickup Friday afternoon and drop-off Monday morning for the price of a single day.

Everything on our site is priced as a package or as an individual item at a single day rate.

We will always try and work with you regarding your budget needs. If you find a better deal on a similar package, let us know, we’ll do our best to match or beat it.

We encourage you to prep at our location during your equipment pickup. This allows us to make any changes to your order or fix any issues. However, we do ask that you inform us prior to pickup if you plan to prep.
Equipment pickups and returns can be done at our location or at a different predetermined location, you choose. Just make sure to make arrangements with us prior to renting. Charges may apply if you wish to have us deliver or pickup your order.

Pickup and prep is the day before your scheduled shoot day after 1pm. If you would like to pickup before 1pm, please let us know we’ll try and accommodate. During pickup you will be required to inspect and sign off on the equipment and it’s condition. All payments, insurance and paperwork must be completed before we will release gear.

Equipment is due back by 11:00am the day after your scheduled rental day. We do our best to work with your schedule, so let us know if you think you’ll be late. Late fees may apply if returned after 11am without notifying us.